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Patch Preview: Legacy of Darkness Update

27th May 2011

Hello CABALists!

Here are some of the awesome features of the upcoming  patch which will include the addition of the new Mission Dungeon Marquinas Outpost (in Pontus Ferrum)!

In this new update, a new armor set will also be introduced: the Armor of Drei Prame. Astral Bikes will also undergo a revamp as well and SP recharge dice will also be given at the end of every dungeon raid.

Preliminary details/patch notes of the New Mission Dungeon are indicated below:

New Mission Dungeon- “Marquinas Outpost”
-Entry Requirements: Character Lv. 145 or above (Battle style level 11 or above)
-Location: Pontus Ferrum (X: 94, Y: 128)
-Entry Item: Hacked Code Disk

Added new MD dungeon ‘Marquinas Outpost’ introduction quest
- Requirements: Character Lv. 145 or above (Battle style level 11 or above)
- Start NPC: Sally(Grocer)

Added new item: Armor of Dry Prame
- Dropped in ‘Marquinas Outpost’ Drop up to 1-Slot (Slot extending is not possible) Upgrade Core(Highest) is needed for upgrading Level restriction for use : Lv. 145 or above Unique item

Added new item: Epaulet of Drei Prame
- Dropped in ‘Marquinas Outpost’

Watch out for more patch previews within the next couple of weeks!
For more information, please visit: http://forums.cabal.com.ph/index.php?showtopic=4768

Happy e-Gaming!