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Official GM list for Level Up! and e-Games

31st May 2012

Updated list of recognized Playweb Games (Level Up! and e-Games) GMs as of May 30, 2012.

For everyone’s information and guidance, here is the updated list of official Level Up! and e-Games GMs currently employed by Playweb Games Inc.

Marketing Team

  • GM Tristan
  • GM Nuala
  • GM Aeon
  • GM BoOM
  • GM GP02
  • GM Xtian
  • GM Cydie
  • GM SamHok
  • GM Varhanite
  • GM Fenris
  • GM Igneel
  • GM Raven
  • GM Pepper
  • GM Garrick
  • GM Xairam
  • GM Geheimnis
  • GM Kyatsume
  • GM Wahrsager
  • GM Zhi
  • GM Anael
  • GM Faith
  • GM Mihr
  • GM Finn
  • GM Aniela
  • GM Tron
  • GM Red
  • GM Aveline

Game Support Team

  • GM Masamuneko
  • GM Destiny
  • GM Savant
  • GM Xecar
  • GM Vazilos
  • GM Ashak
  • GM Hanayama
  • GM Metzger
  • GM VoodooPriest
  • GM Sofiel
  • GM Altaire
  • GM Rhamiel
  • GM Reewa
  • GM Shamos
  • GM Ashikaga
  • GM Heinzhummer
  • GM Paetou
  • GM Varhmiel
  • GM Yuriel
  • GM Riyuh

Please note that Level Up! and e-Games GMs:

  • will never ask for your password.
  • are prohibited from engaging in any form of Real Money Trading (RMT).
  • are not allowed to receive any form of compensation (in cash or in kind) from our gamers/subscribers in exchange for in-game items and special requests/favors.
  • are likewise disqualified from entering and participating in any stage of any Level Up! Live tournaments.

Individuals found guilty of falsely presenting themselves as Level Up! or e-Games GMs and/or employees shall be permanently banned (in-game and in real life) from all activities/events organized by Playweb Games Inc. All correspondences made by the employees listed above shall be made through the official company email domain (i.e. gm-name@levelupgames.ph) only; and not through any other email service providers. For all official Level Up! and e-Gamescorporate news and announcements, kindly refer only to the following:

All account-related concerns should only be coursed through the following websites: