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New Class: Gladiator

21st Nov 2013


Gladiators were known to be well trained swordsman from The Lost Age but used as a different meaning in Nevareth. They are known to be who may control and emphasize their blazing anger, the very basic emotion of human and essence of battle, pushing ‘Rage’ itself to the limits. The greatest ability which Gladiators had was to get stronger as Rage fills up within them.
It may be considered that the starting point of creating battle skills which uses the physical body is similar with Warriors, however was changed when the Gladiators started defining their identity by gaining additional combat strength with pure hatred towards the enemy. Only those who have trained themselves to the limit were qualified to pull out their inner strength, more powerful than which their body could provide. People of Nevareth started to respect these special individuals in the name of ‘Gladiator’, as to mean who has succeeded to discover their unique powers.

Gladiators use a weapon name ‘Chakram’, a very unique weapon outstand the limit of normal swords. Chakrams are a lethal weapon with knowledge of ancient times, but only few can handle and unleash powerful skills with them.
The knowledge of Force does not have much relationship with these fighters; rather the balance between strength and agility which the body is capable is more important. Despite its high weight, Chakrams should to be used in close battle as weel as ranged battle freely, which requires the serenity between overflowing strength and dexterity.

For some skill preview check this link below courtesy of Mr. Wormy. Visit our fanpage for more updates regarding the next major patch!