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February Events

7th Feb 2014


Get Spotted!



  1. Participants should wear anything red on the respected dates below depending from what server you are.
  2. Costumes/appearance and pets must be red to be able to participate.
  3. GMs will announce the start of event on Cabal Fanpage.
  4. All players are invited to join this event regardless of level as long as you have the requirements.
  5. The GM’s decision is final; prizes/mechanics are subject to change.
  6. Participants who would disrupt the event shall immediately be kicked.
  7. Maximum of five (5) winners per server.
  8. Winners from previous event are not allowed to join anymore in order to give chance to other participants.
  9. GMs will announce the winners’ in-game.




  • 15D 100% WARExp
  • 15D Title: I’m a cheerful kind (HP+120, Defense+10)



Guess that Love Song Lyric (Exclusive to Megaphone shout only)



  1. The GM will announce the event channel of the scheduled server.
  2. The GM will shout a random love song and users must guess the blank lyric.
  3. Participant must use Megaphone to answer since the GMs are on a GM channel.
  4. The first player to shout the correct answer wins.
  5. The GM will prepare a maximum of 3-6 trivia questions for this event.
  6. Winners from previous event are not allowed to join anymore in order to give chance to other participants.
  7. GM Buff will be conducted after the event.



  • x10 Megaphone
  • x10 Superior Odd circle
  • 15D BB Plus



My First Love Story


  1. All players of CABAL PH are eligible to join.
  2. Participants should share their In-real life or In-game stories how they met their first love life which occurred in real time, past or present.
  3. Fill out all necessary information about your entry. And post it at Cabal forums under Events and Contests > In-game & SNS Events!> My First Love Story



Guild name:

My First Love Story:


  • The Cabal team will choose three (3) winners for the event.
  • Deadline of submission is on February 14, 2014.
  • Announcement of winner is on February 17, 2014.





  • X10 Chloe’s Tokens
  • Permanent Candy Weapon Costume
  • 30D Guild title: The Member of the Nevareth Resolution Party (SSA +2%, MSA +2%, Magic Attack +2, Attack +2, HP +30)




GM Buff

The GM Blessing Buff enables players to experience a temporary intensive increase on their in-game stats.


Schedule: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the month on all servers.



Note: All in game prizes are account bind. Awarding date is 1-2 weeks after the event.