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Episode 8 Official Patch Notes (Part 2)

13th Feb 2012

As promised, here is the second part of the official patch notes of  CABAL PH Episode 8. This article contains the changes,  bug fixes, and Mission War updates that come with the new major patch.

The first part of the patch notes may be read here: http://cabal.e-games.com.ph/episode-8-official-patch-notes-part-1/

Enjoy reading and remember to share this article to your friends and guild mates! :)

[ Changes]

1. Raised the Character Level Capacity

- Raised the Character level capacity to Lv. 190
- User can get 100% EXP after reaching Lv. 190
- Added Rank Up Quest for 190Lv.
- Added 1 SP box in Character Info UI
- Raised the entry level capacity for Chaos Arena Lv.6 to Lv. 190
- Raised the using level capacity for Blessing Bead items to Lv. 190
- Added the Achievement and Title for Lv. 190
• Achievement: Lv. 190
• Title: Nevareth Pioneer (No option)
2. Changed the Extracting System
A. Change the way of extracting
- Extract item by clicking Item Extracting Mode Icon in inventory window
- It is possible to extract item by Extracting Mode Icon without Transmuter
- If user switches to Extracting Mode, it is possible to extract items placed in the    inventory. Items impossible to extract are shown in Red.
- Extracting mode is canceled when user clicks ESC button or Item Extracting Mode Icon again
- Changed the alz acquisition to 0 during item extraction
B. Change the extracting rule of Weapon/Armor items
- Weapon/Armor Option Scrolls  can be gained by extracting the same type of Weapon/Armor items
- Only possible to get the same rank of Option Scroll based on the extracted item (Low/ Med/ High / Highest)
- First Rank Item is impossible to extract (Crude, Normal)
- Number of extracted Option Scroll
• Able to get 1 Option Scroll regardless of the item’s reinforced level and rank (Epic, Unique) when extracting it
• Impossible to get an Option Scroll from a non-slot item (except for Bikes)
- Rate of gaining Option Scroll
• When upgrade item level is below 6: 1 Option Scroll
• When upgrade item level is below 7: 1 Option Scroll for 100% chance (Option Scroll for Sword/Magic Skill Amp. is possible to gain with low rate)
• When upgrade item level is 13~15: 1 Option Scroll, plus same rank of Perfect Core 1 is extracted (13 level: 25%, 14 level: 50%, 15 level: 100%)
• Rate of gaining Option Scroll depends on the reinforced level of extracted item
- Extracting the Core

3. Changed the Field/Dungeon Option

A. Changed Porta Inferno
- Increased the level and number of Monsters on the high level sections of Porta Inferno (amount of EXP gained also increased)

- Changed attack range of certain Monsters

- Changed the location of Dark Kimzark (Previous: X:179/Y:220, New:  X:155/ Y:216)

B. Changed re-spawn time of field monsters in Lakeside ~ Porta Inferno

• Re-spawn time of Field named monster will not be changed

4. Changed some Quests

- Changed rewards of BSLV UP for Lv. 180 ( EXP 8,000,000 will be rewarded )

- Changed EXP rewards for certain scenario, normal, and dungeon quests

- Changed so that users cannot take ‘Supporter T’ quests anymore

• Only ‘Supporter T’ quests in progress can be continued and accomplished

- Changed so that ‘Plate of Soul’ and ‘Plate of honor’ will no longer be dropped

- Changed starting quest NPC of certain quests

• Changed quests: Novice Support (Weakened Tower of Undead B1F) / Mission: Weakened Tower of Undead B1F

• Changed NPC: Henkoff (Officer) -> Morrison(Officer)

- Limit Max/Min Level for using  Quest Capsules which can be acquired in Weakened dungeons

• Max/Min Level limit same with Entry Level for that Weakened dungeon

- Changed the number of required items for Normal Quest ‘The Best Magical Material’ from 10 to 1

- Changed the number of required items for Normal Quest ‘Devastated Father’s Heart’ to Red Diamond

5. Changed in DP cube

- Changed purchase condition of DP cube

- Changed DP cube reward to be higher

- Added ‘Cube of Honor’

6. Changed in Map, Warp Code

A. Changed so that Map, Warp Code will be given automatically

- once character fulfills the required level to enter certain World, its Map and Warp code will be given automatically

- users can check the information on how to get Map, Warp code by clicking ‘Level UP’ indicator at the bottom left of the screen

B. Deleted existing Map & Warp code quests

- They will be marked as completed.

C. Added new leading quests to get Map & Warp code

7. Changed Chaos Lamp

A. Existing Chaos Lamp

- Stopped dropping the existing Chaos Lamp

• Existing Chaos Lamps will still remain (not deleted)

- Plate of Honor(Lv1 ~Lv4) will no longer  drop from existing Chaos Lamps

B. New Chaos Lamp

- Added Lamp of Dazzlement (Lv1 ~Lv4)

• Lamp-shaped lotto item dropped in field maps

• a Key item is needed to open the Lamp of Dazzlement

• Lamp of Dazzlement has 4 levels, and required number of key items varies per lamp level. Drop list also differs depending on lamp level.

8. Changed Agent Shop

- Changed the standard of arranging Weapon/Armor category

• Before: arranged by Class

• After: arranged by Item grade

- Added ‘Sword/Magic Skill amp.’ Category on Weapon/Armor Option Scroll Low to Highest

- Added Enchant Safeguard category(Low/Medium/High/Highest) on Upgrade Item – Other Special Items

• Currently registered Enchant Safeguards will not show in the new category, but if user registers it again, it will be registered on the new category.

- Added new category for ‘Prideus’ Bracelet’

- Some categories in the Agent Shop were also changed

9. Improved Buddy/Guild list

A. Added Character Self-introduction function

- Added  function that can show self-introduction of a character

- Added self-character information and button for editing character introduction above buddy list n buddy window

- Shown up the character introduction message of others in Buddy list/Guild list

- Able to check character information when putting mouse over buddy name

• Character login status/Nation/Current location/Character introduction

B. Changed to mark number of group members

- Marked the whole number of group members with number of current login members in Buddy list/Guild list

C. Added memo function on Block list

- Added memo function on Block list as character introduction function

- Able to check the memo by pointing mouse on the character name

10. Reduced EXP rewards for the normal  and scenario quests for characters below Lv. 100

11. Changed not to display the daily quest to users that couldn’t meet the quest level requirements

12. Changed the maximum critical rate which can be gained from rings from 30% to 32%

13. Changed the Cool Time for Force Kick

- Changed from -4 seconds to -5.1 seconds per level (Standard of Lv. 9 is 30 seconds)

14. Changed some details of exchanging WEXP

- Changed so that 200 WEXP is consumed when Lv. 180+ character exchanges WEXP to EXP

- Limited the exchange number of WEXP to 50 times at once

15. Changed purchasing UI for Skill Book

16. Changed purchasing and selling option at NPC shop in case that there are large transactions

- When selling mass amount of items, the first entered number is the max number that can be sold at once

- Max number that can be sold at once is shown up when user clicks the dropdown button on input cell

17. Changed starting point of “The Tower of the Dead B1F” dungeon as a safe zone

18. Changed item option regarding oath type item

- Can now register Oath of Sacrifice/Oath of Protection on Agent Shop

- Added category for Oath type items on Agent Shop:

Functional Item > Other Special Item > Oath Item > Oath of Sacrifice/Oath of Protection

- Oath icon tool tip appears when using Oath of Sacrifice/Oath of Protection

19. Changed icon image of Weapon/Armor option scroll differently for each grade

20. Set character immobile while doing item upgrade

21. Changed so that max number is shown  when user clicks the dropdown button on input cell while exchanging WEXP


1. Corrected error that unnecessary tooltip ‘Move to the next tab and combine’ was shown on the items which are impossible to combine

2. Corrected error that “Gained magic Skill EXP” was wrongfully shown as “Gained sword Skill EXP”

3. Corrected error that Force Archer’s damage rise abnormally while using “Multi Shooter” skill consecutively during certain circumstances

4. Corrected error that users get disconnected while using Battle Mode in certain circumstances

- Corrected so that client does not forcibly close but shows  message that battle mode is in use when user try to use Battle Mode while he or she is already in use of it

5. Corrected error that certain NPC had unnecessary “quest NPC FX” when character talks with Sirius at “The Land of the Undead” dungeon

6. Corrected error that certain dungeon gates were shown askew

7. Corrected error that low level epic item was dropped as acharacter-binding from legacy box at “Maquinas Outpost” dungeon

8. Corrected error that some equipment were dropped by wrong rank randomly from some monsters

- Normal items drop instead of no binding high-rank epic item

• Applied only to monster drop not to box/chest compensation

9. Corrected error that unnecessary blank space was shown at usage history list of Guild Warehouse while checking it by using mouse wheel

10. Corrected error that image looked abnormal when user mouse-overs on “X” button of confirmation window while buying skill books

11. Corrected error that sub-password window does not open again if canceled by ESC button

12. Corrected error that duration time of Saint’s Force buff skill was shown abnormally on its Tool Tip

13. Corrected error that Mercenary’s attacking becomes inactive when user attacked the last Nualle of Panic Cave

14. Corrected error that some monster’s attacking pattern was abnormal in Porta Inferno

15. Corrected error that name of summoned Mercenary does not  synchronize with the one in the party list

16. Corrected error that user can write letter “#” over the Chat Window

17. Corrected error that completing NPC information was shown abnormally at some quests

18. Corrected error that user can write Chat Message over the Chat Window

19. Corrected error that the position of character slot was not changed at certain situation

20. Corrected error that dungeon ‘Lake in Dusk’ didn’t end if boss monster died out of user’s view

21. Corrected error that inventory tab was shown abnormally when purchasing mass number of items

22. Corrected error that Lock function for Warehouse/Inventory doesnt apply after game login even when user had set the password before

[Mission War]

1. Changed the Mission war level section

- Changed bracket Lv. 170-180 to 170-190

2. Changed some details of section Lv. 140 ~ 169/Lv. 170 ~190

A. Raised the defense and HP of users

- Section Lv. 140 ~ 169

• Before: Character defense increases 1.5 times / HP 5 times

• After: Character defense increases 1.75times / HP 6times

- Section Lv. 170 ~ 190

• Before: Character defense increases 1.5 times / HP 5 times

• After: Character defense increases 2 times / HP 7 times

B. Changed some details of towers

- Decreased attack and defense

- Changed max targeting number as 5

- Changed the sustainment time differently from size: The bigger size tower has the shorter sustainment time

C. Changed some details of Force Tower

- Increased the stats of Force Tower

- Increased the setting price of Force Tower (except Resurrection/Warp tower)

- Reduced setting time

D. Increased the stats of Legacy Guardian / Sage’s Ensign / War Gate

3. Corrected error that client forcibly closes when user tries to restore quest while on Mission war lobby or field