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Episode 8 Official Patch Notes (Part 1)

9th Feb 2012

Hi CABALists,

We are pleased to share with you today the official patch notes of Episode 8. The patch notes have been divided into two (2) parts : Part I covers the new features and additions ; while Part II consists of the changes, corrections and bug fixes.

Read on and be prepared for what’s coming up in CABAL Online PH.

(Part II goes here: http://cabal.e-games.com.ph/episode-8-official-patch-notes-part-2/)


1. Added Battle Mode 3

A. Story

- Colony association started using powerful alternative energy which far surpasses the 5th force, based on the research journal of Sir Minesta, who had disappeared with a rumor that he sold his soul to the Dark Lord. They made a training course for qualified soldiers to acquire this powerful Battle Mode.

B. Added Skill

- Skill Window >  Special tab > Battle Mode

• Added Battle Mode 3

- Skill Window > Special tab > Battle Mode Skills

• Basic Attack A, Basic Attack B, Fatal Attack I, Fatal Attack II, Fatal Attack III

C. Skill Operation

- 5,000 SP is required for Battle Mode 3 activation

- Basic Attacks connected within 4 seconds will be counted as a combo attack

- Even if Basic Attack misses, Fatal Attack I will be activated if combo attacks count up to 4 times (order of Basic Attack A/B doesn’t matter with Fatal Attack)

- Fatal Attack will activate in the order: Fatal Attack I > Fatal Attack II > Fatal Attack III. It will activate up to the existing stage of Fatal Attack learned by the character

- Fatal Attacks do not MISS

D. Battle Mode 3 skills for each Battle Style

- Skill stats formula: Basic stats + (Raising stats per BSLV up x Battle Mode 3 skill’s level)

E. How to get Battle Mode 3

- Skill books for Battle Mode 3 can be crafted by a collection of Stain Clones, Trance Force and Minesta Craft Stone

- Stain Clones can be gained through quests from Quest Capsules

• Battle Mode 3 introduction quest (Minesta’s Legacy) + Daily Quest + 31ea of Quest Capsule quest

- How to get craft material

- Required craft materials for each stage of Battle Mode 3 on table below

  • Success rate for crafting skill books is 100%
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill books should be trained in order
  • Higher skill of Battle Mode cannot be trained without the previous one

F. Added Quests related to Battle Mode 3

- Battle Mode 3 introduction quest:

- Battle Mode 3 daily quest:

- Quest Capsules of Battle Mode 3 quests:

- Drop location of Minesta Training Books

G. Synergy Effect

-  a Synergy Effect will activate when the correct combo of Basic Attacks was followed

-  All Synergy Effects are maintained for 8 seconds after Fatal Attack I is activated

- 3 Positive effects /6 Negative Effects can stack at a time

- When a same synergy is applied repeatedly, the effect will be amplified as 1.5 times per twice, 2 times per triple

  • cast twice in a row: 1.5times amplification
  • cast thrice in a row: 2 times amplification
  • Both positive and negative effect will be amplified equally

- Synergy Effect for each Battle Style:

2. Added New DX Dungeon 'Hazardous Valley'

A. Narrative

- The source of river which across the dense jungle of Nevareth continent is named as Hazardous Valley, but no one could unearth its exact location after many years. Let's explore the legendary Hazardous Valley, and uncover the truth.

B. Details of Hazardous Valley

• After clearing the dungeon, 2 ~ 4 DPs will be given depending on its difficulty
• Introduction Quest: Celestial Tragedy

• No penalty upon dungeon clear failure

C. Location

• Green Despair (X:21, Y:248)

D. Entry Item

D. Drop Item

3. Added New Item

A. Added New Rings

• Quest of obtaining Killian?s Ring: ‘Ring Sealed with the Power of Killian’

• The Quest item may be dropped without accepting the very quest, just as the Mergaheph's Ring

• This quest can be accepted and completed only once

• Killian's Ring Craft Recipe:

  1. Craft materials: Mergaheph's Ring 1ea + Black Cat's Tear 1ea
  2. Black Cat?s Tear: Core Alchemist Soyoung in Fort. Ruina sells it for 50,000,000 Alz
  3. Success rate of Crafting: 100%

• A character can own only own one Killian's Ring, and cannot possess the Mergaheph's Ring at the same time

B. Added Accessory Bracelet

• Prideus' Bracelet is basically character binding, but tradable item may drop rarely
• Three options will be added in random among the nine options below

4. Added 'Change Appearance' system

A. Appearance System- change the appearance of equipment items for a certain period of time

- Changing appearance is applied via Core alchemist NPCs from each town
- The items which have changed appearance become character binding for the same period the appearance change applies

• For example, if a user changes the appearance of an account-binding item with 3 days duration, it becomes character-binding for 3 days. After this period is over, the item gets restored, becoming account-binding again

B. Required items Target Material

- Material used in changing appearance always gets destroyed whether the appearance change succeeds or fails

C. Period of Changing Appearance
-  different success rate and Alz required per each period

D. Restore Appearance
- Users can restore the appearance by the Core alchemist NPCs from each town
- Item becomes restored when the user restore it by NPC or the period is expired
- User should pay the required Alz (NPC shop price of the Material item)

5. Added Achievement and Title system

A. Added achievement system
- Users receive rewards by completing various achievements in the game
- Achievement score and title are rewarded once the user clear achievements

• Several rewards can be rewarded per one achievement

- The mission for achievement appears randomly, after playing the game for 30 minutes (once a day)

B. How to obtain achievement
- Clear each achievement requirement
- Various achievements can be obtained by playing quests, defeating monsters, etc.

• Users can check achievement missions and closed achievements from the Achievement UI

Achievement Information UI:

If users clear the mission of closed achievement, achievement will also open

C. Achievement Link
- Users can link achievements to the chat window by Ctrl + Right mouse clicking from 'Achievement' tab in the Achievement UI, just as linking items
- Closed achievements get opened if user clicks others' achievement link
- Maximum of 7 achievement links may be clicked per day

D. Achievement UI
- Opening the Achievement UI: Click 'Achievement' from CABAL Menu (or press Shift + C )
- Achievement UI is organized in 4 tabs

• General info: View recent achievements and the whole state

• Achievement: Details of Achievements

• Title: Details and application of titles

• Achievement Rank: Ranks the achievement score of users (will be updated later)

6. Added Quest Capsule system

A. Quest Capsule

- Accept quest by right mouse clicking and proceed

B. Quest Capsule acquisition

• Obtain by daily quests

• Dropped in certain Fields and Dungeons

- Battle Mode 3 Quests by Capsule Quest

7. Brand New Mercenary

A. New Mercenary

• Dazzled Druga, Dazzled Syarsor, Dazzled Angelo

B. How to get

• Dropped in-game

8. Improve the Target Select Bar

- Show the Battle Style Icon and HP when user select other character

- Show the Rank(Normal/Named/Boss Monster of Dungeon) of monster when selected

• In case of Event Monster, it is classified by blue color and Rank Icon

9. Added Item slot at Agent Shop and Display of Slot Option

- Show the Slot and Slot Option of selected item when browsing item at Agent Shop

10. Added the Function of Equipment Comparison

- When user over the mouse point on the item in inventory, user can compare it with current equipment

- If user have more than 2 items with same type in inventory, user can compare it in order by clicking Shift button

11. Added the function for withdrawing/storing bulk of items

• Alt + Left Click

12. Sell the Book for Transcender Attack Skill

- NPC Instructor sells the Skill Book for Transcender Attack Skill which was only dropped at Porta Inferno

- The Skill Book is same price with other Transcender rank skill book

13. Added the message hidden option when Buddy/Guild member logs in

- The message of Buddy/Guild member login are hidden when if user activates this function at Option Chatting Tab

- Default option: Unchecked status

14. Added remote Cash Shop

- Available to open Cash Shop at anywhere

- Shortcut Key: N (Open/Close)

- Unserviceable at Mission War

15. Added function to control transparency of each chat window and system message window

- Control the transparency of each chat window and system message window at Chatting Tab on Option menu

- Control it by serrated wheel icon at Chat Window and System Window

16. Added Pet option confirm Window

- Added the confirm Window for disarming for Sleeping Kit, Pet Untrain Kit or Sealed pet

- Added the pet name at guidance of confirm Window

17. Added “Close” Button while writing/replying letter

18. Added “Refresh” Button at Cash Inventory

19. Added the message for equipment locking

- When clicking on the equipment locking button: Click the locking equipment

- When clicking on the equipment locking button again: Equipment locking is completed

20. Added the guidance tooltip for the Oath of Sacrifice/ Oath of Protection

21. Added Alz unit at Alz in Warehouse

22. Added a message “You cannot summon mercenary yet” when user try to summon mercenary during cool time

23. Added guidance message when user cannot exchange the WEXP

24. Added warning window when user try to sell a periodical item

25. Added event category at Premium Information Window

26. Added “Permanent” message on the permanent duration item at in-game Cash Shop

27. Added the amount of current DP at Store UI