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Cabal Online PH Episode X Rising Force – Client Download

7th Jun 2013

System Requirement:



If your system is below minimum requirements : The game may not load. If the game loads, it may be unstable and suffer from graphical problems.

If your system meets the minimum requirements: It will be possible to play the game but we would recommend that you lower the graphical resolution to give your system the best chance to run smoothly.


Installation Guide:


  • Download the CABAL PH Full Client here.
  • Make sure that all contents are in the same folder then extract the files.

  • After you have extracted the files, run CABALInstaller.exe.

  • Click Next to start the installation process.

  • After clicking ‘Install’, the installation process will begin.

  • ¬†Once installation is complete, tick the check box and click Finish to begin playing.