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CABAL Online Hack Support Procedures

4th Feb 2011

Dear CABAL Online Players,

As part of the our ongoing efforts to address the recent hacking issue, we have come up with a with a Hack Support Plan for those affected. There are certain conditions that need to be met before the compensation can be given. Kindly find the details below. Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We hope you will continue to play and support CABAL Online.

Compensation Restrictions:
1. Lost Alz will not be compensated
2. Lost Premium Items (Cash Shop Items will not be compensated)
3. Gamers can only choose 7 Items per account to be compensated (returned) (subject for investigation)
4. All Compensation Items will be set to “Character-Bind”
5. IP e-Games reserves the right to deny compensation if the reported hacked items are erroneous

1. User was hacked between October 25,2010 until February 14, 2011 only
2. Effective February 15, Hack Reports (Hacking Incidents dated February 15th onwards) will no longer be entertained.
3. Ticket/Report requesting for Compensation must be submitted by February 27, 2011.
4. Tickets filed February 28 onwards will no longer be entertained for compensation
5. Gamers can file a ticket requesting for compensation starting February 7, 2011 (activation of the CABAL Hack Category in the Ticketing System).
6. False Hack Claims will be denied and the account involved will be subject for indefinite block.

CABAL Hack Compensation Procedures
1. Gamers must submit a Helpdesk ticket containing the details of their Hack Case and agreement to the compensation plan starting February 7, 2011.

Ticket must be filed under the CABAL HACK Category of the ticketing system.
Note: Please follow the Ticket format to ensure that the details of the Ticket are complete.
E-Games Customer Support Team will return/close tickets that are incomplete.

Required Details:

  1. Account Info
  • Login Name:
  • Character Name:
  • Server:
  • Level:
  1. Date & Time you last used your account Before the Incident: (Items still intact)
  2. Date & Time you Discovered the Incident:
  3. List of 7 Items to be restored (exact name and stats of item)
  4. I agree with the terms provided by e-Games regarding the Compensation Plan for Hacked Accounts posted in the CABAL PH website.
  5. I already secured my account and agree that if hacked again, NO COMPENSATION will be given.
  6. I agree that the details of lost items reported are correct and will be subject for compensation denial if found to be erroneous
  7. Attach Two Scanned Government-Issued ID/s (for verification/validation purposes).

IMPORTANT: Pease send clear and readable scanned ID/s.

2. IP E-Games Team to check/validate the gamer’s claims
Requirements: Account should be validated (ownership verification) by submitting 2 Valid IDs or account used to file the ticket matches with the account hacked.
3. Investigation of Hack Case and tracing of lost items
4. [TICKET REPLY from e-Games] Notice regarding the receipt of the Ticket and escalation for Investigation (lead time 20 days MAX).
5. Restoration of Lost Items


  1. Lost Items to be compensated will be set to character-bind
  2. Lost Alz will not be returned
  3. If the gamer gets hacked again, no compensation will be applied anymore.
  4. Gamers can only choose seven [7] Items to be compensated

6. [TICKET REPLY from e-Games] Ticket Notification informing gamers that the items were already compensated
7. Case Closure and documentation of compensated users