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Item Spotlight – Yekaterina VIP Membership

16th Mar 2012

So you’re an enterprising CABALista?  You’ve amassed a lot of great  items at CABAL Online and you use the Agent shop/Auction House but you can only put in so much and the taxes cut  into your profit?

There’s a solution for that and that’s the Yekaterina VIP Membership!

Users subscribed under the Yeketerina VIP membership can use 10 item registration slots at the Agent Shop.
Item registration period will be extended to 2 weeks at Agent Shop.
Registration/Agent Shop Fee is Free/Waived when a user is under ship membership.

With the CABAL Online  Yeketerina VIP membership, you can use 10 item registration slots (instead of five) and then all Agent Shop Fees are waived!

So maximize your profits and your storage at the Agent Shop with this nifty VIP card! Get it while it’s hot!