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CABAL Cash Guide

The CABAL Online CASH Shop allows gamers to subscribe to different Premium Services, boost their character stats and EXP/SKILL EXP Rates, customize the looks of their CABAL characters, enliven the local market by trading their wares, establish guilds and parties and expand their local network of online buddies! The CABAL Online CASH Shop will take the CABALists’ online action adventures to new heights!

CABALists can access the in-game CASH SHOP for CABAL Online by clicking on the Item Shop Icon located in the lower right portion of the Game Menu interface bar.

Notice/confirmation window shows that a gamer will access the CABAL Cash Shop.
The CABAL Online Cash Shop Interface [Premium Service]

How to purchase items in the CABAL Online Cash Shop
1. Select which Cash Shop Service or Premium Items you wish to buy and click the [PURCHASE] Button.

2. Before confirming Service/Item Purchase, double check the details (price & description) of the items/services you are about to get.

3. Click the [PURCHASE] Button to complete the transaction.
4. You will be prompted of the SUCCESSFUL CASH Shop purchase and receive a notice of the transaction.

5. Claim your purchased Items by pressing the [Check Item] and [Receive Item] buttons located in the CASH ITEM Extraction Window.
6. The claimed items will appear in your Character Inventory Storage Slots.