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Axe 2012 Contest Winner!

10th Feb 2012

This CABALista will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a huge smile on his face as he won in the e-Games and Axe 2012 Contest!

Congratulations to CABAL Online player Ferdinand G. Cabote for winning a   90-Day +9 Mithril Weapon of Choice   with Epic Option+2 Empty Slots+1 slot extender Highest!

Check out the redemption process below!

1.       Axe will email  the winner of the e-Games Axe 2012 Promo. They will ask you to replay and  e-mail your username and/or IGN.
2.      CABAL Online will then e-mail the winner that the items has been inserted into the gaming account.

Only CABAL Online Philippines brings you the best online gaming treats!