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Episode IV: Porta Inferno Patch Notes

24th Sep 2010

Finally we have the official patch notes of Episode 4: Porta Inferno! The big patch is under testing as of this writing and if no major, major problem pops out from the testing we will be in time for the release of the much-awaited update mid-October. By this time, you can download the manual patch from the links below :

e-Games Portal:
e-Games Portal


Hosting Sites:

- Mediafire
- FileFront
- FileFactory

Of course, the password will be released on the date of the live server implementation.

As of the moment, we eagerly suggest that you browse through the changes below so you can be prepared for what’s coming up on CABAL PH:


(1) Overview

A. Added the new map code from Warp Center in Port Lux

(2) Details
A. Added the Introduction Quest ‘Porta Inferno’
- Start NPC: Morison(Officer) in Port Lux
- Level Requirement: 160Lv or above(Class Level 11 or above)
B. Location: Second Warp Center in Port Lux (X: 72 / Y: 152)

C. Boss Monsters
1. Manticore
2. Dark Kimzark
3. Keshapone Minisha

2. NEW Mission War

(1) Changes in Mission War
A. Closed the Tierra del Bruto, and Changed the Level limitation of MAPHEL

Reduced: 96% of original size [ 650 x 65 ] – Click to view full image

B. Force tower/ Legacy Barrier/ Sage’s Ensign/ War gate/ Legacy Weapon’s character levels and values are different depending on the Channel
C. The Cost of building a Force Tower is also different depending on the Channel
D. Different Entrance Fee will be charged

Reduced: 96% of original size [ 648 x 50 ] – Click to view full image

(2) Changes in Selecting a Bringer
A. Every Mission War Channel is applied by the rule of selecting a Bringer like The Highest Level bracket.
B. Changed ‘Bringer’ selection method
- Instead of the existing title of ‘Guardian’, the Character who has been ranked No.1 will be selected as a Bringer automatically (no matter which battle style)
- The system of selecting a Bringer is same as before
- Added the ranking list on Character UI
- If the Bringer changes his/her nationality or get out of that certain bracket by Level Up, then the Bringer system will be initialized.
- Changed the titles of the Bringer

- Above titles are also available in the other Channels.

3. NEW Chaos Arena

(1) Changes

A. Removed the time restriction and usage frequency within a day
B. Chaos Arena has been Changed to a Mission Dungeon which is for 1 party(maximum 7 people)
C. The time limit for NEW Chaos Arena is 20 minutes.
D. If the Character dies during the battle, he/she will be resurrected from the beginning point of the Quest

(2) Entering the NEW Chaos Arena

A. Added the introduction Quest of NEW Chaos Area ‘The Battle Field of Chaos’
- Start NPC: Henkoff(Officer) in Bloody Ice
- Level Requirement: 30Lv or above(Class Level 3 or above)
B. Enter the specific Portal near Deighton(Grocer) in Bloody Ice
C. Changes in Level of NEW Chaos Arena

Reduced: 97% of original size [ 641 x 43 ] – Click to view full image

D. The Entry Items will be dropped in field and not be crafted by users

Reduced: 97% of original size [ 641 x 530 ] – Click to view full image

(3) Title
A. Existing titles will be maintained and users can get a new title from the NEW Chaos Arena

Reduced: 97% of original size [ 641 x 238 ] – Click to view full image

(4) Items

Reduced: 97% of original size [ 641 x 207 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 98% of original size [ 638 x 554 ] – Click to view full image

Reduced: 97% of original size [ 641 x 175 ] – Click to view full image

4. New Skills and changes of the Maximum Level

(1) New Skills

- Users can obtain the New Skill books by drop in Porta Inferno

(2) Added the New Buff Skills

- ‘Curse Dodge’ is only applied at debuff skills by other Characters.
- New Skill books will be dropped in ‘Porta Inferno’

(3) Changes of Maximum Level

A. Changed the Character Level limitation to 180 from 170
B. Lv180, Leveling Up Quest
- Quest Name: BSLV UP Special Training, #8

Reduced: 94% of original size [ 661 x 111 ] – Click to view full image

C. ‘BSLV UP Special Training’s detailed Reward

Reduced: 94% of original size [ 662 x 33 ] – Click to view full image


1. Provide the Average price of the certain product on Agent Shop

(1) As user put some items on the UI of the Agent shop, the average price of that product will be shown automatically
(basically, its average price comes from the same items which have been sold at that moment)

(2) If the user registered the item with a price below 25% of its average price, a warning UI window will show up.

2. Added ‘Twitter’ functions
(1) How to use

A. Enter the command (/twitter) into the chat
B. Cabal Menu> Community> Twitter

(2) How to post on the Twitter

A. Enter the ID, Password and message on the Twitter UI. After that, just click the ‘Post button’

B. The user who already registered his/her Twitter information on Twitter UI can put some message into the chat to post.

(3) As the message completely posted on the wall, User can check it on the UI
(4) Shown as CABAL Online when tweeting during the game.

3. Added the New Quest
(1) Vampiric New Quest

4. Added Core
(1) Enhanced Core
A. The existing system using a Enhanced Core instead of Upgrade Core to improve its abilities is same as before
B. Users can use enough number of Enhanced Core like Upgrade Core
C. By using Enhanced Core to improve its ability, user can get 100% success chance up to +6
(2) Perfect Core
- Perfect Core has 100% success chance like before. (Only 1 Core can be used at once)
5. Added Daily Quests

6. Added Guild reserves System (currently under development)
(1) Details
A. If character whom joined a guild sells items at NPC shop, 1% of selling price will be saved at guild Warehouse separately.
B. Selling price of portable FT Panel, Vital Gear, Warp Stone, Skill book will not be saved
C. The item that has been sold and deleted(cannot be restored) will be saved at guild Warehouse
D. The guild reserve funds will be calculated every Wednesday
E. Applied to Guild Level 2 or above

7. Added ‘/Coordinates’ command
8. Added the Background Object of Dragon in the sky of Porta Inferno
9. Added new titles related to Field Boss in Porta Inferno.
10. Added warning message on chat window when character binding item is dropped
11. Added ‘Premium DX Dungeon’
12. Added ‘W. Tower of Undead B1F’ for NetCafe only
13. Added New Title of eliminating Boss Monster

Reduced: 98% of original size [ 638 x 492 ] – Click to view full image


1. Changes in Upgrade items

(1) Overview
A. Using the UI of Inventory
- Changed to be able to Upgrade an item by using ‘Item Upgrade’ UI of Inventory instead of existing way of right click of Upgrade Core
B. How to use

? Open the Item Upgrade UI and insert an Item on it
? Click ‘Auto Registration button’ or Right click the Upgrade Core to use.
? Cabal Menu>Item Upgrade

Reduced: 82% of original size [ 757 x 187 ] – Click to view full image

(2) Details
A. Required different number of Upgrade Cores Depending on the Upgrade Reinforced Level

Reduced: 84% of original size [ 738 x 74 ] – Click to view full image

? Using Necessary Core matches to Equipment Level: Upgrade Core(High) for Osmium Grade, Ugrade Core(Medium) for Titanium Grade
? Users can not use Agent Shop or talk to NPC during the upgrade progress.
? No extra Alz is required to upgrade.
B. Extended limitation of Item Upgrade Level
- Extended the limitation of Item Upgrade Level +12 to +15
(Reinforced item reaches to +15, its own FX support will be given)
C. Changes in Penalty of Upgrade an Item
- Existing penalty was the destruction of Item or +0, it has been changed to loss of Core or down grade.

2. Changed the amount of MP Absorb

(1) Details
- The user can absorb MP from just one target

3. Changed amount of Restoring HP, MP potion

(1) Details
- Restoring amount of HP and MP is different from each type of Portion. (Fixed restoration)

4. Adjusted certain stats of weapons and armors

5. Removed the restrictions of using Odd Circle
(1) Details

A. Removed the restriction of Odd Circle’s cool time and usage frequency in all area except Panic Cave.
B. The character resurrects with full HP by using an Odd Circle.

6. Changed Classes’ stats
(1) Force Archer

C. Raised the rate of the Magic Amp. UP of Arrow ~ Cannon skills/ additional Attack
D. Changed the additional Attack damage of skill ‘Sonic Shooter’
E. Changed the rising rate of stat
- Raised the rising rate of Magic Attack per 1 DEX.
- Raised the rising rate of Defense per 1 INT.

(2) Force Blader

A. Changed the rising rate of stat
- Raised the rising rate of Defense per 1 DEX

7. The fields above Lakeside difficulties have been lowered.

8. Chatting channels which have passwords will now send out a pop-up window when a user tries to enter the channel by the /join channel command

9. Changed the level requirement for proceeding Daily Quests

Reduced: 95% of original size [ 657 x 69 ] – Click to view full image

10. Using Blessing Bead – Plus gives party members additional bonus EXP.

(1) Details
A. ‘Blessing Bead – Plus icon’ added at the bottom of the Party information window’s left side.
B. The above icon is only displayed when the user is in a Party. If all Party members are not affected, the icon will not be shown.
C. Added party bonus when Blessing Bead – Plus is used by the party member(s)

11. Changed the names of Daily Quests
(1) Details

A. Changed the names of the Daily Quests to show the proceeding dungeon/ field names.

12. Changed the equipped stat of Laikanus weapon(Daikatana, Great Sword)

(1) Changed the stats to be the same with Mithril weapons.

13. Changed the craft material of the items of Proof

(1) Changed to require +3 items instead of +0 items.
(2) Red Osmium items require +4 items as it used to be.

14. Changed the proceeding system of Quest ‘Flasha’s Dignity’

(1) First, accept the Quest ‘Flasha’s Request Scroll’ with NPC Miles and then proceed the corresponding Quest using the received item.

15. Changed the stat of Mithril/Laikanus slot items.

16. Changed the Epaulets created from the GiftBox – +7~+8 Epaulet series to become account bound.

17. Changed the system confirmation window UI
- Changed the system confirmation UI with icons and simplified button..

18. Improved the Evasion Options system
- If Evasion of the target is more than 70% (including the basic Evasion 5%), the attack success chance is set to 100% of Evasion.
- While using ‘Intuition’, the Final attack success chance is changed from 52% or 62%(if the Critical Attack rate is 50%) to 5%.
- The corresponding correction is only applied when the user’s attack is not Critical during using the skill.

19. Expanded the total number of Quests in process to 10

20. Two weapon skins can be applied to Force Shielder at the same time.

21. Changed basic icon in the character resurrect window from Odd Circle to basic resurrect.

22. Changed the success message of crafting Fury Potion (Lv 3) not to be broadcasted.

23. Changed certain Daily Quests which has Maximum Levels to be invisible except the corresponding level users.

24. Removed the entrance sign of Chaos Arena in Bloody Ice.

25. Item tool tip is automatically renewed when the item list is changed by mouse scroll on Agent Shop.

26. Removed the function of whispering by clicking the character’s name with right button.

27. Adjusted the basic and increasing value of Blader’s ‘Fatality Increase’ per level(increasing in maximum 8% has not changed, basic 2% per level/ increasing 0.3% are changed).

28. Changed the lower rank Skill Books to be sold by the Instructor of Port Lux.

29. Changed not to allow removing the character over Lv.100


1. Corrected the error which the user could not access to the channel chat which he/she created after logging out with the same title and password of the channel chat that he has participated before.

2. Corrected error which the name of the dropped item was invisible when the user access with dash from the invisible area to visible area.

3. Corrected error which the Quest ‘Like an Old Friend(IDX:236)‘ was impossible to carry out due to the skill rank limitation.

4. Corrected error which the user has been teleported to the starting place from certain place in Mutant Forest.

5. Corrected error which the character information window has not been renewed during using buff skills.

6. Corrected error which the former buff remains despite using the same type of buff.

7. Corrected error of abnormal message when the user fails to log in.

[Mission War]

1. Corrected error which started at the military headquarters when entering the Battlefield.

2. Reduced the attack ability of all the Legacy Guardians.

3. Corrected error which the user character is not displayed on Mission war mini map.

4. Corrected error of abnormal Vital Gear(HP) restoration amount.

5. Changed formula of obtaining personal score in some sections of the Mission War.

- User can obtain double score by destroying the structure and attacking the character only in Section 1, 2, 3 of the Mission War.

6. Changed the system of limiting the number of people who can enter the Mission War.
- If the possible number of people who can enter is under 10, the user does not get valid from the limitation.

7. Changed the system of reward in the Mission War.
-WExp/AXP reward is commensurate with personal score. Higher score, more reward.
-Character who has personal score higher than 180: When using Vital Gear (HP, SP) certain % of used Alz is additionally rewarded.

8. Corrected error which was possible to put on and off the item during the construction of Force Tower.

9. Corrected error which the cool time of Curse Remove, Curse Dodge, and Fatality Increase gets initialized when resurrecting after dead in the Mission War.

10. Corrected error which the time does not appear when the user opens the item improvement UI.

11. Corrected error which the user was unable to equip / unequip when lesser than 1milion Alz was in their inventory.

12. Corrected error which the user disconnect while attempting to join the war with lesser than 1 million Alz in their inventory.

13. Changed mission war rank display method.
-Changed to show the rank information of lobby + Battlefield.

Note: Patch/Update details are subject to change without prior notice.